Consular Affairs and Our Contacts


Our Consular Section  is open for you from

Monday till Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 14:00 PM to 17:00 PM

at Chemin William Barbey 37, 1292 Chambesy

The section provides following consular services:

-  Registration of the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan in Switzerland:

All citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan who have their residence in Switzerland are kindly requested to complete the registration at the Consular Section of the Embassy. According to the article 29 of the Law of Tajikistan “On Citizenship of the Republic of Tajikistan”, the persons residing abroad without having a consular registration within five years, unless there is a valid excuse, can lose their rights to citizenship.

- Apostilization of the documents:

On 20th February 2015, Tajikistan acceded to the Apostille Convention and became the 108th member of the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents, concluded October 5, 1961.
The Apostille Convention  has entered into force on 31st October 2015 for Tajikistan. Therefore, all types of official documents , certified and sealed by a Notary Public, when affixed or attached with an Apostille Certificate issued by the Swiss Government, will automatically be accepted for legal use in foreign countries signatories to the Hague Convention, i.e. Tajikistan.

Rules of apostilization processing:           
- The cost of the apostilization of documents (per each document) – 10, 00 €; 
- Consideration of documents submitted for apostille takes 7 working days, from submission’s date. In exceptional cases the consideration term can be extended till 10 working days; 
- Express consideration of documents for apostille takes from 72 hours and costs double price;       

- Issuance of visas of the Republic of Tajikistan to foreign citizens and stateless persons:


We inform all foreign citizens that a new electronic system of visa processing and issuance for foreign nationals and stateless persons has been introduced in diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Tajikistan  on 1 January 2017.

The new system’s objective is to simplify the Tajik visa processing procedures and it is another step in introduction of electronic public services.

Now foreign nationals and stateless persons need to submit the necessary documents to obtain a Tajik visa in the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Tajikistan at Depending on the results of pre-assessment, consular officers may invite applicants via e-mail for necessary processing procedures.

It should be outlined that a Tajik visa to be issued in the country’s airports upon arrival will also be processed via the website of As a result of pre-assessment, the system sends visa confirmation to applicants, which needs to be printed before departure and presented in consular offices at airports as a supporting document to obtain a Tajik visa.

From January 1st, 2017 the Embassy implements a new electronic system of visa processing and issuance for foreign nationals and stateless persons. According to the new system, it is required to submit an application form and the supporting documents online via Tajikistan Visa Electronic Application Centre ( ). Then depending on the results of pre-assessment, an applicant will be invited by e-mail to visit the Embassy for further processing procedures such as digital fingerprints collection, taking a digital photograph, etc.

There are some applicants whose fingerprints are not required.

If you do need to apply for a visa, please follow the steps below:


Submit the application form and upload the supporting documents on

*Provide a valid passport, which has at least two blank pages for a visa.

*Your passport must be valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the requested visa

*Upload a digital photo (strongly recommended for the holders of UN laissez-passer)


When you receive the email, follow the instructions it contains carefully

On the day of your appointment at the Embassy, bring your appointment letter and application pack, along with your passport

You will be fingerprinted and your photo will be captured when you arrive for your interview at the Embassy, and then you will be given an acknowledgment for the submission of your passport.

*There are some applicants whose fingerprints are not required, including:

1) Children

2) Holders of UN laissez-passer


After a decision has been made, your documents will be ready for collection.

You will be prompted to pay a visa fee in accordance with the visa category you have chosen, upon collection of the passport.

You have to collect your passport in person from the Embassy.

- Issuance of GBAO Permit

GBAO (Kuhistoni Badakhshon Autonomous Province of Tajikistan) is the frontier territory of Tajikistan and has special permission entry, which allows an applicant to visit Khorogh, Darvoz, Vanj, Rushon, Ishkoshim and Murghob districts.

It is required to submit a letter stating that the applicant is requesting a permit to enter the mentioned area.

The cost for GBAO permit is 20 EURO.


Visa processing time at the Embassy is 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS.


For TOURIST VISA (valid 45 days) - 25 EURO

While applying for tourist visa, we suggest the applicant to choose 45 days as for duration stay.

For other visa types:

1 week - 45 EURO

2 weeks - 55 EURO

1 month - 65 EURO

3 months - 85 EURO

40 EURO will be charged supplementary for MULTIPLE entry visa


Name of the Bank: UBS Bank

Account Name: Consulate of Tajikistan

Account №: 279-107537.60T


IBAN: CH15 0027 9279 1075 3760 T


With a view to preventing misunderstanding, we would like to inform that the new electronic system for Tajik visa processing is not associated with the Tajik e-Visa System. The Tajik e-Visa is processed at It is a single entry visa issued for the period of 90 days, but its holder can stay in Tajikistan not more than 45 days starting from the arrival date. e-Visa is not subject to extension except force-majeure situations.

Information about Tajik e-Visa:

On 1st  June 2016 the new portal for issuance of electronic visas “e-Visa”, ( which enables foreign citizens willing to enter the country with tourist or business visas to complete the electronic application and receive the electronic visa without visiting consulate representatives of Tajikistan abroad, commences its operation.

The electronic visa system «e-Visa» will allow foreign citizens to receive Tajikistan visa online, relieving them from necessity to stand in queues in Tajikistan consulates or at the border. The new system is designed to facilitate the process of obtaining a visa to Tajikistan by foreign citizens, increase the number of tourists visiting Tajikistan, as well as to simplify visa procedures for businessmen. We also want to save time and relieve the personnel involved in the process of issuing visas.

Applicants will receive their visas via email, after filling the application form with the necessary information and once the online payment by a credit card is completed. Applicants are to pay $ 50 by the internationally recognized electronic networks for the electronic processing, and in case of denial of the application the above mentioned amount is not refunded to the applicant. After paying the visa fee and once the application is successful, the applicant will receive an electronic visa, which is to be presented upon crossing the state border of Tajikistan along with the valid travel document.

Electronic visa of the Republic of Tajikistan is valid for 90 days, however the visa holder can stay in the territory of the country for no more than 45 calendar days.  Electronic visa is not extendable and the visa holder have to leave the country in the specified date.


Currently the E-VISA ( system is having technical issues with pending requests.

Please note that the e-Visa application has no connection with Tajik Embassies or Consulates General. For any questions or comments, kindly contact the e-Visa Support Desk by clicking on Main Page > Contact Us.

But, given the fact that over the past few days there have been many appeals to this matter, the Embassy gives the following explanation.

Important! Be sure to look whether or not a payment has been made, only then proceed with the payment, so one would avoid a double payment!

For those, who have made a payment, will be issued a visa after the consideration of their appeal.

Please follow the steps indicated below.

Go to:


- Log in to your application

- Find section "Manage application" (See what is the state of their appeal; If it loads for a           long time or there is a problem with the payment, proceed to next step)

- Cancel application

- Start a new application

You should be able to start a new application without any difficulty after following these steps.


- Registration, issuance, renewal, replacement and revocation of passports citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan;

- Information and advisory services;

- Formulation of evidence to return to the Republic of Tajikistan;




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