Currently the E-VISA ( system is having technical issues with pending requests.

Please note that the e-Visa application has no connection with Tajik Embassies or Consulates General. For any questions or comments, kindly contact the e-Visa Support Desk by clicking on Main Page > Contact Us.

But, given the fact that over the past few days there have been many appeals to this matter, the Embassy gives the following explanation.

Important! Be sure to look whether or not a payment has been made, only then proceed with the payment, so one would avoid a double payment!

For those, who have made a payment, will be issued a visa after the consideration of their appeal.

Please follow the steps indicated below.

Go to:


- Log in to your application

- Find section "Manage application" (See what is the state of their appeal; If it loads for a long time or there is a problem with the payment, proceed to next step)

- Cancel application

- Start a new application

You should be able to start a new application without any difficulty after following these steps.


We thank you for your understanding